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Integrated manufacture from material to processings We can offer processed products in small volume to large volume, taking into account of the dimensional precision and the measures for aging of the precision products.

Semiconductor, liquid crystal device component, valve, valve-sheet, bellows, wafer guide, wafer chuck, chamber, etc.


For welding of fluoropolymer involving special technologies, we will propose "materials and shapes" suitable to the application. The "original welding rods" developed by us help us to improve our welding reliability and productivity.

"Deposition" is also available, which brings better adhesion strength than welding. We propose the design taking into account of the strength.

Insert molding

· Welding
· Deposition
· injection molding
Using these molding methods allows us to get seamless insert molding. This improves strength that cannot be given by fluoropolymer and also flexibility of design.