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Developed Products

Fluoropolymer Developed Products

Pressure Container

All fluoropolymer pressure-resistant container (0.5MPa) in-house developed. Chemical-resistant and heat resistant container available for any chemical liquid. Significantly small dissolution of impurities/metals (for semiconductor use)

Pressure container, Chemical liquid container, Canister, etc.

S-mold™ Large Bore Pipes

S-mold™ Large Bore Pipes Zoom Up ø300 pipe
Wall thickness 5t

Large bore pipes developed by our unique deposition technologies.
[Material] :Denatured PTFE, PFA
[Size ⁄ diameter] : ø100 ~ ø300mm
[Length] :200L ~ 800L
[Thickness] :2.5t ~ 10t

Our specialty molding technology is a solution for molding of round vessel ⁄ containers by deposition of pipe and plate.

Fluoropolymer Line Heater

· Seal-less main-unit container (Fluoropolymer)
· Clean heating of liquid in all wetted area where fluoropolymer is used
· More efficient heating with halogen lamp adopted to the heat source
· Resistant to elevating temperature of various chemical liquid