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What's Fluoropolymer?

Fluoropolymer has many excellent properties, such as heat resistance, chemical-resistance, non-stickiness, sliding, electrical properties, and contributes to every fielld. Fluoropolymer properties are fully utilized in a wide variety of fields from daily household goods like cookware to state-of-the-art industries including semiconductor, chemical, electronic machine, cell, medical, aircraft/space fields; it plays important roles.

The binding force between atoms of fluoropolymer is very powerful and this property will not change even in service outdoor. Therefore, it may not be deteriorated by ultra violet radiation.
Unique non-stick performance to prevent from sticking of any foreign objects, Excellent self-lubrication performance with the lowest friction coefficient of all solid substances.
Good electrical insulation performance and excellent high-frequency property; Stable dielectric constant and dielectric dissipation factor in the wide frequency range.
Continuous operation available at 260°C (PTFE ⁄ PFA) and 200°C (FEP), with superior heat resistance compared with other resins.
It has superior chemical resistant properties that cannot be attacked by any agressive substance "acid, alkali, oxidizing agent, and organic solvent". It will not exhibit any significant change in weight after being contacted.
Will not burn in any gas at the limiting oxygen index 95 or more and the oxygen concentration not more than 95%.


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